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*FULL VIDEO* LAST VIDEO ASSOCIATED WITH KYLIE RAE HARRIS Instagram story published hours just before her passing away.

I am sorry it lags a bit within the first few moments, my web was being decrease. But indeed, this was placed a few hours ahead of she induced the crash that slain her plus an blameless child as a result of drinking in addition to driving. Detectives believe Harris caused Wednesday’s crash which speed were a contributing aspect when the particular clipped your back of one other vehicle, delivering her directly into oncoming targeted traffic. She afterward crashed head-on into a good SUV influenced by the adolescent Cruz.
“Harris, a 30-year-old Wylie, Arizona, native, has been scheduled to carry out Thursday with a music event in Taos, New South america. Harris in addition to 16-year-old Karen Elena Cruceta died within the Wednesday nighttime wreck in State Highway 522. ”